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3 - 7 SeptemberThe Swedish Institute

As part of Sweden’s export strategy, the Swedish Institute has initiated an expert visitors’ programme about the tech and digital sector in Sweden.
Programme attendees is limited and 25th of July is the last day  to register!


SUNDAY, 3rd September
17.00 Meet the Swedish Institute
19.00 Stockholm Tech Fest Gala Dinner at the City Hall of Stockolm where the annual Nobel banquet is held.

MONDAY, 4th September
4th Annual Stockholm Tech Fest 
See the film from last year's event here! 

08:45 - Opening Remarks
09:00 - Fireside Chat with Peter Sunde of The Pirate Bay / Flattr
09:30 - Fireside Chat with Mårten Mickos of Hacker One
09:30 - Future of Design + Product w/ Zound, Dropbox + more (Stage 2)
10:00 - Future of  Finance by Swedbank
11:00 - Fireside Chat w/ Swedish Unicorns
12:00 - Future of Innovation  by Tieto
12:20 - Past, Present, Future of AI by Amazon Web Services
12:40 - Future of AI is Now by IBM Watson

13:00 - LUNCH Performance + STHLM's 15 Best Food Trucks 

14:00 - Future of Transportation w/ Northvolt and Lilium
14:00 - Future of Living / Working 
14:30 - Future of Energy by Swedish Energy Agency
15:00 - Future of Virtual Reality by HTC Vive
15:30 - BREAK with Special Performance 
16:00 - Future of Games w/ Unity, DICE, Ubisoft + more
16:00 - Future of Food w/ AxFood, Oatly, Matsmart + more (Stage 2)
17:00 - Nordic Startup Awards - Swedish finale by Business Sweden

18:00 - Special Performace + Party at STHLM's secret new rooftop park

TUESDAY, 5th September

Stockholm Tech Safarai

08:30 - Innovation – Poland’s engine for growth and development 

09:00 - Startup CTO as a Service 

10:00 - Explore realtime data and the Global Goals in Vaxholm

10:30 - How to do Marketing Like a Startup

11:00 - Crowdfunding & Hardware

11:00 - How to Hire for Tech

Invest in Games by Swedish Games Industry

 Meet developers and investors

WEDNESDAY, 6th September
8.00 Reflections from the two first days 

10.00 The Stockholm Startup Strategy by City of Stockholm

13:30 Visiting SUP46 and Norrsken House 

THURSDAY 7th September
9.00 What does 'digital' mean for our future? by Lund University

Comparing Stockholm and Silicon Valley by The Royal Insitute of Technology

13.00 Meeting the Swedish Institute 

Workshop - what's ahead of us after this week?

The programme may be submitted to some changes.

Nomination and selection process
By registering here you will be on the nomination list for the programme. The number of attendees is limited to 25 people, and the final selection is made by the Swedish Institute. Last day for registration is 25 July. 
Selected participants will be notified on 28 July if they are eligible to attend the programme.

Costs related to the programme  
The Swedish Institute will cover costs for local travels in Sweden, accommodation during the programme, and meals included in the programme. Please note that travel to and from Sweden and any travel undertaken in the participants’ own countries will not be reimbursed by the Swedish Institute, nor will the Swedish Institute fund expense allowances. Participants will be insured during their stay in Sweden under the coverage provided by the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency.

Target group
The target group comprises foreign decision-makers, researchers and business professionals. The goal of the Swedish Institute business is intensified dialogue, greater knowledge exchange and broader lasting and reciprocal relationships between international decision-makers and Swedish industry, government agencies, academia, start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Countries eligible for registration
Algeria, Angola, Brazil,  Colombia, China, Egypt, Germany, Great Britain, India,
Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Philippines, South Africa, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Turkey, Qatar, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates and the United States

Upcoming programmes 2017
16 -19 Oct: The Swedish model and triple helix
20 – 24 Nov: Sustainability and environment

The Swedish Institute covers costs for local transportation in Sweden, accommodation, and meals included in the programme. The participants will also be insured against acute illness and accident during their stay in Sweden.

Please note that no per diem will be paid, nor will the Swedish Institute cover costs associated with the visa application, travel costs to and from Sweden or local travel in the participants' own country related to this programme. 

Photos: Aline Lessner,  Rodrigo Rivas Ruiz, Melker Dahlstrand, Simon Paulin, Maskot information.

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